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Mom’s TV Lucky Draw Website

此活動為媽媽有話兒Facebook 的宣傳活動,在2019年2月荷花BB展所舉辨 使用流程: 讚好FB專貢-> 答MC 問題 -> (答對) 隨機抽一次獎品,包括特、大、中、小獎 / (答錯) 領取安慰獎 抽獎網站記錄了使用記錄,一般情況下每位參加者只可參加遊戲一次 Please visit
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Jper Provider Portal

已受夠了周圍逛且無了期的裝修格價?又擔心不知怎樣與服務商跟進裝修細節和進度?Jper 可以幫到你,一個 App 就可以隨時隨地輕輕鬆鬆為你的裝修項目進行格價、配對、跟進、管理及付款。
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Angel Duty Mobile App

Angel Duty是專為護士研發的更表管理工具,不論日程有多繁忙,Angel Duty都讓你輕鬆安排時間,享受工餘時光 - 操作簡單,只需單手操作,極速紀錄更表,適合追求效率的你! - 群組功能,邀請朋友加入群組,各成員更表一目了然,輕鬆安排調更! - 獨有群組活動功能,可在群組中發起活動,夾時間相約見面食飯完全無難度! - 更份統計功能,不論固定更份,加班,有薪或無薪都一一記錄!
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Musk Mobile App

Access to over thousands of beauty products with product descriptions and tags for you to easily understand the characteristics of each product and user ratings/reviews for you to share your thoughts with other users
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Jper Technology Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keio Holdings Limited. Jper is designed to simplify and organize your complex renovation project, so it is definitely built with ease of use in mind. It only takes a few minutes to download, sign up, and post your project criteria on Jper. Then all you need to do is sit back and compare quotes, chat with your provider, monitor your progress status, and manage your payments online.
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Kwantai Company website

Twintek Investment Holdings Limited (6182 HK) is a building material contractor providing building materials and the relevant installation services with operation being centered in Hong Kong. The Group will keep track of the latest trends in the industry and maintain long-term and stable relationship with all stakeholders to strengthen its marketing position. The businesses are held directly by its principle operating subsidiary – Kwan Tai Engineering Co.,Ltd (“Kwan Tai”)
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Fanid Online Shop

FaniD – Official Personalised Football Club Merchandise Welcome to FaniD offering selection of official Premier League football club merchandise in Asia powered by Custom Gateway. As a licensed provider of official football gifts, we work closely with the clubs to ensure our products have the latest players, kit, and crests on them. So, you can shop freely with the knowledge that all our gifts are up to date and most importantly, have the football clubs seal of approval.
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HKTDC ecoupon website

1月食 ᛫ 住 ᛫ 買 <br> Our team helped HKTDC to develop a Progressive Web App (PWA) for over ten thousands for traffic to find, search and enjoy the coupons in the EXPO.
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JPER Landing Page

Jper Technology Limited 是京王控股有限公司的全資附屬公司。 詳情請瀏覽 查看有關京王的資訊。
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