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Introducing DeFrame — an elegant, secure physical display synchronised with the Solana and Ethereum blockchains. Connect to your wallet. Proudly showcase your NFTs as the authentic owner.
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Bunny Warriors

Asia’s nft Collection | SOLD OUT 6,666 Bunnies on the Solana blockchain to take revenge and rise to the challenge of fate🐰
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BBGuide App

【 BBGuide 全港首個寶寶成長里程碑 從不落下寶寶每一個成長階段 】 妳渴望給寶寶全世界最好的東西,讓他全方位成長,成為最幸福健康的寶寶;同時學習著成為一個好媽媽、好兒媳,生活上擁有著莫大的轉變。在一邊忙著照顧寶寶每天的生理成長,一邊接收著四方八面湧現的資訊與叮嚀,妳有多希望有個小幫手簡易輕鬆地助你看孩子?BBGuide實體化了寶寶的成長里程碑,兩大功能使妳輕鬆化身寶寶最專業的守護者
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CUHK Professor Charles K.KAO Student Creativity Awards

Professor Charles K. KAO Student Creativity Awards 2019 <br> 'Smart living' covers and relates to almost all streams of modern technologies, such as biomedical or healthcare solutions, sustainable energy, green solutions, ICT technologies, robotics, artifical intelligence, as well as any novel technologies, products and services.
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Fuel Trudeau Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign designed for Fuel Trudeau. <br> For more than 125 years, Trudeau has been an innovator. But the definition of innovation evolved throughout the years. Although quality craftsmanship and great design are as important as ever, there’s a growing need to innovate in the services we deliver and the way we do things. As retail commerce continues to evolve, we’re adapting—for the better.
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HSU Junzi Branding Design

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SQX Website

SecuRex (SQX) founded in 2004, based in Hong Kong, and, with branch offices in Macao, Singapore, Bangkok, Shenzhen & Changsha, to support the channel partners & end users, on our professional grade surveillance & electronic security solution, in the Asia Pacific region.
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Zeal Asset Website

行健資產管理有限公司(「行健」)是一家在2009年成立於香港的價值型投資資產管理公司。行健主要服務對象為機構及專業投資者,包括家族企業,金融機構,捐贈基金,養老基金和個別投資者。 為增加投資者在聽取講座時的投入感,每年行健的投資展覽都會製作手機版網頁與聽眾互動。我們為他們設計及製作活動網頁、提供內容管理系統更新題目內容及提供現場技術支授服務。
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BBGuide Website

BBGuide is an APP that guides first-time parents with professional advice that allow you to understand your baby’s needs.
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