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Introducing DeFrame — an elegant, secure physical display synchronised with the Solana and Ethereum blockchains. Connect to your wallet. Proudly showcase your NFTs as the authentic owner.
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Bunny Warriors

Asia’s nft Collection | SOLD OUT 6,666 Bunnies on the Solana blockchain to take revenge and rise to the challenge of fate🐰
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親手作工作坊 – 宣傳刊物

👶🏻寶寶口水肩製作班 📆10/11 | 17/11 (六) 口水肩是每個寶寶的日常必需品。 優質日本的舒適棉布,吸水力強, 讓寶寶舒爽自在。 工作坊✍🏻「親.手.作」媽媽工作坊 📐
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CUHK Professor Charles K.KAO Student Creativity Awards

Professor Charles K. KAO Student Creativity Awards 2019 <br> 'Smart living' covers and relates to almost all streams of modern technologies, such as biomedical or healthcare solutions, sustainable energy, green solutions, ICT technologies, robotics, artifical intelligence, as well as any novel technologies, products and services.
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Fuel Trudeau Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign designed for Fuel Trudeau. <br> For more than 125 years, Trudeau has been an innovator. But the definition of innovation evolved throughout the years. Although quality craftsmanship and great design are as important as ever, there’s a growing need to innovate in the services we deliver and the way we do things. As retail commerce continues to evolve, we’re adapting—for the better.
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HSU Junzi Branding Design

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Apple Son Whatsapp Sticker

Happy New Year ! <br> Our team designed and promoted a set of whatsapp stickers to a large community of parents in Hong Kong and Taiwan during the Lunar New Year.
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Mom’s TV Lucky Draw Website

此活動為媽媽有話兒Facebook 的宣傳活動,在2019年2月荷花BB展所舉辨 使用流程: 讚好FB專貢-> 答MC 問題 -> (答對) 隨機抽一次獎品,包括特、大、中、小獎 / (答錯) 領取安慰獎 抽獎網站記錄了使用記錄,一般情況下每位參加者只可參加遊戲一次 Please visit
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