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BBGuide App

【 BBGuide 全港首個寶寶成長里程碑 從不落下寶寶每一個成長階段 】 妳渴望給寶寶全世界最好的東西,讓他全方位成長,成為最幸福健康的寶寶;同時學習著成為一個好媽媽、好兒媳,生活上擁有著莫大的轉變。在一邊忙著照顧寶寶每天的生理成長,一邊接收著四方八面湧現的資訊與叮嚀,妳有多希望有個小幫手簡易輕鬆地助你看孩子?BBGuide實體化了寶寶的成長里程碑,兩大功能使妳輕鬆化身寶寶最專業的守護者
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Dr. B Mobile App

快速記錄寶寶日常生活,更綜合其他育兒平台資訊。一個嶄新的資訊性育嬰記錄應用程式。 ❀ 將寶寶相片設置成封面吧! ❀ ✿ 簡單操作,便能記錄寶寶日常生活 ✿ ❀ 結集不同寶寶資訊,令您更得心應手 ❀ ✿ 設置了提醒功能,不會錯過重要事時刻 ✿ ❀ 免費使用,安心享用 ❀
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Angel Duty Mobile App

Angel Duty是專為護士研發的更表管理工具,不論日程有多繁忙,Angel Duty都讓你輕鬆安排時間,享受工餘時光 - 操作簡單,只需單手操作,極速紀錄更表,適合追求效率的你! - 群組功能,邀請朋友加入群組,各成員更表一目了然,輕鬆安排調更! - 獨有群組活動功能,可在群組中發起活動,夾時間相約見面食飯完全無難度! - 更份統計功能,不論固定更份,加班,有薪或無薪都一一記錄!
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Musk Mobile App

Access to over thousands of beauty products with product descriptions and tags for you to easily understand the characteristics of each product and user ratings/reviews for you to share your thoughts with other users
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Jper Technology Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keio Holdings Limited. Jper is designed to simplify and organize your complex renovation project, so it is definitely built with ease of use in mind. It only takes a few minutes to download, sign up, and post your project criteria on Jper. Then all you need to do is sit back and compare quotes, chat with your provider, monitor your progress status, and manage your payments online.
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阿知媽 – 媽媽資訊平台

阿知媽 – 媽媽資訊平台 <br> 阿知媽 — 搜羅各種媽媽時事、育兒、熱門文章與你感興趣的話題,一個讓妳輕鬆掌握媽媽資訊的平台,讓寶寶成長變得簡單而美好。
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Card Inno

Card Inno features Mobile Membership Build Customer Database easily Coupon & Redeem Increase the chances of repurchase Data Analysis Identifying profitable customers & effective promotion QR Code System Work alone well with existing POS System Push Message Push message to different group of customers to boosts sales Branding A tailor-made App with amazing UX Design & Membership card design
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HKTDC ecoupon website

1月食 ᛫ 住 ᛫ 買 <br> Our team helped HKTDC to develop a Progressive Web App (PWA) for over ten thousands for traffic to find, search and enjoy the coupons in the EXPO.
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